The accessories play the vital role in the quality of the tarpaulins. The strength of the tarpaulin is important for the protection from the water leakage and the protection from the heat. Varying methods and techniques, used to strengthen the tarpaulins, are used which are applied with the different accessories. There are a lot of accessories, but some of these are industry-wide popular. Cable ties are important and are used extensively to tie the tarps upon the place, with the vehicle or upon the luggage. The hessian roll is used, along with other accessories to support the working of the tarpaulin in the construction industries, gardening, horticulture and even the simple events.

Our tarp accessories are hot popular in the United Kingdom Market for the strength, durability and the very high quality. One hot selling product of the accessories is market stall clips which are used to grip firmly and quickly upon the tarpaulins. For the market stall, the special type of soft and light weight tarpaulins are used and to cover the stalls in the water, rainfall or the windy season, quick coverage of the stall is needed. This quick coverage is gripped, strongly, quickly, urgently and tightly with the help of the market stall clips.

For the fixing of the tarpaulin against the exceptionally fast winds or speeding vehicles, the tarpaulin fixings are applied. These metal fixings are made with very strong and hard blue or black steel and are attached on both the sides of the shock cords or the bungees and can be used for the very strong grips.