Shock Cord with Hooks

When the tarpaulins are being applied for the protection upon the place with speedy winds, the fast moving vehicles or the luggage stored in open space, the special mechanism is required for the strong and firm grip of the tarpaulin. There are many mechanisms of grips upon the tarps, such as, the shock cord with clips, the shock cord with toggle or the shock cord with hooks.

The shock cord with hooks is typically applied where the very strong grip and tight hold of the tarpaulin is required. The shock cord is fitted with hooks upon both the sides of the shock cord. The hooks are made of very hard, strong and durable blue or black steel which is galvanized in order to save the metal from the rusting or the oxidation process. The metal hooks are further power-coated with the polycarbonate plastic.

Consumers of United Kingdom market buy shock cord with hooks as the hooks are easier to fasten and take lesser time to fasten the tarpaulin upon the required place. So, the shock cord for sale is hotly bought.

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