Shock Cord with Toggle

After the selection and purchase of the tarpaulin, the major task before the users is the selection of the required necessaries. The quality of the tarpaulins depends not only upon the material or the structural design of the tarpaulin but also upon the accessories which are used to fix and place the tarpaulin upon the required place, vehicle or the luggage. Similarly, the accessories to fasten the tarps upon the desired place are also important.

To fasten the tarp upon the right place, with the right strength and in the right strength depends upon the fastening mechanism. Among the many other accessories, available at our sit for sale, the shock cord with toggle is very important. The shock cord is an elasticated and stretchable strand which is when joined together is made into the shock cord. The shock cord for sale at our place is a high quality cord which is used to fasten the tarpaulin at a place, strongly and tightly.

To fasten the tarp, the shock cord with toggle is feed through the eyelets and then the toggles are fixed into the eyelets. The shock cords are of different sizes which ranges from the 20cm to more. This 20cm can be stretched from 20cm to approximately 30cm. 

The good quality shock cords for sale are of the international quality and standards. During the process of manufacturing of the shock cord with toggle, the extreme care is made to maintain quality. The quality is that ingredient of our products which is not bargained at any cost.



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