Shock Cord Fixings

Even the best type of the tarpaulin with excellent quality to control and stop the rain water cannot do the job without the help of the support services and mechanism. The support services and the mechanism cannot be worked upon unless and until the required accessories are there to serve the purpose and to make the grips upon the sides and the corners of the tarpaulins to provide the best waterproofing.

Among the many available accessories, the shock cord fixings are the best and are applied universally for the very strong and perfect fixing. Shock cord fittings are made, basically, for the bungees as they are designed to serve the purpose of very strong ties to our specific applications.

The heavy duty shock cord fixings UK are like hooks with lock which can be used to lengthen the shock cod or bungee or can be used separately to fastening the tarpaulin at the place, firmly and tightly so that no water leakage is possible from the sides of the tarpaulin.  

The black auto lock hooking is a two part accessory which is attached to the end of the 6mm and 8mm shock cord fixing UK or the bungee so that the tarpaulin can be fastened by creating the handy hook fixing. The quality of the tarpaulin is directly affected and related with that of the accessories. To enhance and support the tarpaulins, the good quality accessories are applied to work and fasten the tarpaulin to serve the purpose. The shock cord fixing UK are made with international standards to serve along with the tarpaulin.



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