Shock Cord with Hooks

Shock cord is an elasticated strand which is stretchable. Many such strands are joined together to make a shock cord which is covered with fiber or the UV polypropylene. The shock cord is an ideal cord with the hooks on both sides for the fastening of the tarpaulin upon the required place, the moving vehicles and the other luggage stored in the open space. Shock cord for sale at our place is used to fasten the tarpaulin by using the eyelets on the sides and corners of the tarpaulin. 

Flexible shock cord is made with the abrasive nature which facilitate the passing of the loop of the shock cord through the eyelets. These shock cord with hooks are fitted with the hooks upon both the sides of the shock cord. The hooks are made with the very strong and hard black or blue steel and are galvanized in order to protect them from the rusting and the oxidation process. Sometimes, the hooks are power coated with beautiful colored plastic and ribs upon sides to increase the grip of the human hand.  

The hooks and shock cord are made with the best quality material and the quality manufacturing techniques and engineering. The quality of the shock cord and other products, available at our place for sale, makes our products popular like hot cakes around the United Kingdom market.  Buy shock cord with hooks from our place if you are willing to fasten your tarpaulin at the desired place with the required strengths.



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