Shock Cord with Toggle

The high quality tarpaulins are best to serve the purpose of the waterproofing and protection against the other natural environmental hazards. But, even the best type of the tarpaulins are unable to serve the desired objective unless and until supported by the best quality accessories. The main support of the accessories to the tarpaulin are to keep the tarpaulin at one set place, firmly and tightly so that the tarpaulin can perform the water control mechanism. Among the various accessories, the shock cord with toggle is one such accessory which is applied, widely, to fasten the tarpaulin at the place.

Shock cord for sale is a fastening mechanism which is used to fasten and fix the tarpaulin at a required place or the moving vehicle. The shock cord is the set of the smaller elastic strands which are tied together to give the required strengths and are covered with the fiber or the UV stabilized wrapper. The shock cords have excellent abrasive quality which helps the shock cord to pass through the eyelets of differing sizes to fastening the tarpaulin. The shock cords with toggle are flexible and stretchable which are available at our place for sale and have just 20cm size. But, the size of the shock cord can be increased form the 20cm to 3ocm when stretched. Shock cords for sale at our place are fitted with toggles at both the sides of the shock cord to give the best and ideal grips upon the tarpaulin.  

When the loop of the shock cord is passed thorough the eyelets, fixed at the sides of the tarpaulin, these are used to tie down the tarpaulin at the desired place with the help of the toggles. The rounded toggles fit into the eyelets to make the best grip upon the tarpaulin.



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