In the modern era, many types of the shelters are required for the domestic, commercial and the industrial premises. The car shelter is one such shelter which has widest usage, not only in the homes but also in the commercial premises. The car shelters are either made with the galvanized steel sheets or the UV polyethylene plastic.

The car shelters are made for the single domestic car or vehicle or for many cars in the commercial premises, such as, shopping malls, markets, offices, the hospitals or the industries. With the increase in the lesser space in the houses, the portable shelters are becoming popular are in wide usage. These portable shelters can be taken anywhere, easily and conveniently and can be used for the varying purposes.

Storage shelters are hot popular in the rural areas where the different type of the storages are used to store the grain, the animal feed, the agricultural equipment and machinery. Similarly, the garage shelter isused to park the cars and for the repair and maintenance of the cars and other vehicles.

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